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Special DSP Boards

Members of Relcom's PCDSP6 family are special DSP boards for very complex signal porcessing application with versatile, 100% user defined resource allocation capability. PCDSP6TEL is a telecommunication optimized platform for PCM signal processing applications. Complete 16-channel E1/T1/J1 receive/transmit processing capability, one-channel DS3/E3 receive/transmit processing capability. PCDSP6 board is a universal structure for wide area of high-speed, complex signal processing applications. PCDSP6 is an ideal tool for high-speed (FPGA), and lower speed but complex (DSP) signal processing applications. The card has complete signal processing capability from 70MHz IF signal to multichannel baseband digital demodulation.

Automotive Boards

Relcom's Hermes-1 ECU (Electronic Control Unit) has been created for automotive applications, where communication - even on multiple media - is a primary task. Such are wireless, wired and - for humans directly understandable - audio communication. The ECU is based on the new and biggest Freescale (Motorola) PowerPC automotive microcontroller (MPC5554), which provides an unmatched processing power also for complex applications.

Intellectual Property (IP) Cores

Wide range of Relcom's IP (Intellectual Property) Cores can be used to integrate into the customers application-specific ASIC or FPGA electronic devices. PCDSP6 family works as the evaluation platrofm for IP Cores. Now, the following IP Cores are available

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