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Digital Down Converter

Relcom's Digitral Down Converter IP Corecan be suited for decomposition of input bandpass signal into its complex envelope.


  • 14-bit input and output word length
  • 32-bit frequency resolution DDS-based transponder
  • One third order CIC decimator and third order CIC interpolator for each channel
  • Wide range real-time variable filter characteristics
  • Automatic gain corrector for each channel
  • Input and output sample rate are equal to the clock
  • Direct access to the configuration parameters through individual ports
  • Possible Applications
  • Communication systems
  • Sofware defined radios
  • Channel access in all-digital receivers
  • Quadrature demodulators
  • Direct signal processing of carrier-based signals
  • Signal processing with an orthogonal decomposition of bandpass input signals, in the baseband
  • Replacement of analog DDC front-end with the advantages of stability, equal gain and linearity for I,Q channels, at a lower cost

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  • Digital Down Converter IP Core Manual — Download...

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