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IP Cores

Wide range of Relcom's Intellectual Property Cores can be used to integrate into the customers application-specific ASIC or FPGA electronic devices. PCDSP6 family works as the evaluation platrofm for IP Cores.

IQ Demodulator

Relcom's IQ Demodulator IP Core is a high speed quadrature modulation receiver component.

Reed Solomon Decoder

Relcom's Reed-Solomon Decoder IP Core is a highly versatile core generator for creating hardware Reed-Solomon decoder circuits suitable for high speed decoding of the ubiquitous Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction (FEC) code. This code is used in a wide variety of data storage and transmission applications, such as the Compact Disc, DVD, various kinds of magnetic storage, digital subscriber lines and satellite communications.

Digital Down Converter

Relcom's Digital Down Converter IP Corecan be suited for decomposition of input bandpass signal into its complex envelope.

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