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Relcom HERMES-1 Automotive Board

HERMES-1 Automotive Board

Relcom's Hermes-1 ECU (Electronic Control Unit) has been created for automotive applications, where communication &8202; even on multiple media - is a primary task. Such are wireless, wired and - for humans directly understandable - audio communication. The ECU is based on the new and biggest Freescale (Motorola) PowerPC automotive microcontroller (MPC5554), which provides an unmatched processing power also for complex applications.

Block Diagram

Relcom HERMES-1 Block Diagram


Wireless Communication

  • WLAN (IEEE 802.11 b,g)
  • BlueTooth
  • ZigBee
  • ISM433, ISM866

Wired Communication

  • CAN 2B (Controller Area Network) on 3 separate channels
  • RS232 on 4 separate channels
  • Differential SPI on 1 channel

Audio Communication

  • Hermes-1 - by the help of an available SW - is able to "read" texts - Stored audio pattern speech generation
  • Drive any hifi amplifier
  • 8..12 bits output with 16 kHz sampling frequency
  • Implementation of speech recognition is possible

Microcontroller and Memory>

  • Built with Freesale's (Motorola) MPC5554 microcontroller - 132MIPS without cooling on 32 bit data
  • MPC5554 has several low power modes to support power sensitive applications
  • 8MB (70nsec) Flash memory for storage of software and static databases
  • 2MB (10nsec) fast static RAM for storage of variables, dynamic databases
  • 8 bit EEPROM for functional parameters and error log storage

Inputs and Outputs

  • Digital Inputs - The ECU has four digital inputs, by which two-state sensing of 0..35V signals can be solved.
  • Digital Outputs - The ECU has four digital outputs. These are not simple signal outputs, but these can drive maximum 2.2A loads each at supply voltage as high-side switches.
  • Analog Inputs - The ECU has four analog inputs. By factory settings, voltages of 0..30V here will be converted to 12 integers by the MPC5554.
  • Analog Outputs - The ECU has three analog outputs. These are 0..5V signal outputs

Power Supply

  • Supports both 12V and 24V, negative mass battery systems, 8..32V voltage range
  • Feeds external 5V units (e.g. antenna module, GPS, intelligent sensor, etc), maximum load 1A

Application Notes

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Documents & Drivers

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